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#20 Wicked Strong, #4 Danza, #1 Vicar’s In Trouble. My #Longshot, CROCKER SHOCKER PICKā„¢ could be #10 Wildcat Red! California Chrome going to choke outside his home state. #KentuckyDerby Free Kentucky Derby Form for the whole race card. http://www.brisnet.com/php/bw_pdf_viewer.php?track=CD&race=11&param1=3740&param2=204&param3=1484318Image


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Facebook gave it’s users the option to create a short video of our Facebook activity in the past years. Some people realized how irrelevant their postings were and others embraced their sharing history of accomplishments and milestones. We all share things that only our mother cares about and I am sure guilty of that. Some of us noticed inappropriate photos or language that showed up and maybe that will remind people not everything should be shared. The golden rule of social media postings is, “If you don’t want your grandmother to see it, then don’t post it”. Unfortunately social media can be shameless, but there are still people who keep it clean and PG. I try to keep my postings appropriate for all audiences and especially family friendly. I avoid political bias and only rant on something I am truly passionate about. I am sure I will break a rule now and then, but as long as my mother is on Facebook, I’ll stick to a higher standard.

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